Noelle Hibbs


Noelle has been an active person all of her life. She grew up playing competitive sports and even played college volleyball while earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing. It wasn’t until after college that she accidentally discovered Pilates. She ran across a Groupon offer for a discounted Pilates class and decided to give it a try. Noelle fell in love with Pilates after just one class and knew that she wanted to share the practice with others.

For years, Noelle put her time and energy into learning everything she could about Pilates, honing her own technique, attending workshops, obtaining her BASI Pilates Instructor Certification, and helping clients discover lifechanging benefits in her small studio, which she quickly outgrew.

Pure Physique Pilatez is a product of Noelle’s determination to spread the spirit of Pilates with a greater number of people in a state-of-the-art facility. It is Noelle’s personal mission to ensure that every client that walks into the studio leaves a better person.

Why did you choose BASI?

The method is all about structuring each session around balance and systematic progression with precise movements that target key areas in the body.

What is something that most people don’t realize about teaching Pilates? You have to really know the movements in your own body in order to successfully guide others. Self-practice is a critical element of teaching Pilates.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Caring, Motivated, Detailed

What do you love most about teaching Pilates?

The journey. I really get to know and care for my clients, so watching the progression of strength and happiness that takes place in every session is a great privilege.



As a teen, my mom noticed that I ran with a forward slant when I was in track. My parents took me for x-rays and found out I had a slight case of scoliosis and arthritis in my neck. I had to see a chiropractor regularly to relieve neck and back pain.

In college, I found a love for research and earned a Master of Science degree in Clinical Behavioral Psychology from Eastern Michigan University. Right after I graduated my dad asked my mom and I if we wanted to run a women’s fitness franchise and so I started researching different fitness classes and certifications. I was addicted to research so much that I created my own fitness challenge and improved it each year by listening to the valuable feedback from my participants. I used my background to help me understand the behaviors that make it difficult for us to reach our fitness goals. I made it my mission to find ways to help overcome obstacles and achieve those goals.

In 2003, I started a comprehensive training program through STOTT PILATES and received my Full Pilates Certification in 2007 which covers Matwork, the Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair and many other props. I was addicted to workshops so much that I ended up teaching them at our studio. One of my favorites is on how to use the Foam Roller.

I found that after a few years I no longer needed to go to the chiropractor for regular adjustments, only needing occasional work on my neck. My new x-rays showed only a small curve at the neck and low back but the middle back had straightened out! I owe this all to the fantastic training I received in Pilates. Strengthening my core and improving my posture took a while but it was so worth the transformation.

In 2015, we merged with a nearby gym because my husband got transferred out here to work in Phoenix. I was blessed to find Noelle and Pure Physique Pilatez just a year afterwards. I feel as if we are a perfect fit and I am grateful for the opportunity to once again help others feel better about themselves. I look forward to building up rapport with my new clients!

Hanan Palz Headshot

Hanan Palz

Yoga Instructor/Thai Bodywork Provider


Yoga is one tool that has helped me realize that we are each fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving God. Our bodies are a temple and our minds have the power to help us overcome physical and as well as emotional stumbling blocks that are inevitable in life. Having made these discoveries in myself, I want to share my practice with others so that they too may find growth and healing and achieve physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We each come to our practice with different bodies but I believe that every body can receive the benefits that yoga has to offer. With a non-judgmental attitude toward ourselves and others and by letting go of any preconceived ideas about how each posture should look….. we can each achieve our highest potential.

200 hr. RYT certified through LifePower, 40 hr. intensive Ashtanga Practice and Adjustment Training through David Swenson, 70 hr. Teacher Faculty Training through LifePower. 20 hr. Child and Adolescent Yoga Training through Ignite. Over 12 yrs. of personal practice. Teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Gentle, Yin, Roll And Release, and Children’s Yoga.

Currently pursuing 500 hr. RYT certification to include Thai Yoga Massage through Dave’s Ashtanga.

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Valerie's first word as a child was "go" and she has been going ever since.

In 2009 she received her Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification in Chicago, including years of workshops under Bob Liekens and Anatomy Trains with Tom Meyers, while working full time as a Pilates Instructor for nine years and staying current with certifications.

Valerie started dancing at the age of three, at twelve danced pre-professionally, achieved her degree in Dance and Psychology from Ball State University, and enjoyed a global career spanning over a decade. Valerie fell in love with Pilates after suffering a shoulder injury, learning that anyone and everyone can benefit from Pilates.

Valerie has also masterminded her own barre class technique from modern and ballet dance and adding in Pilates to give your whole body a workout but focusing on core and pelvis area.

Valerie recently moved to Arizona and loves that she can wear sundresses everyday! In her spare time Valerie enjoys travel, spending time with her husband, and now relaxing by the pool!

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Childcare Attendant

Besty Beard has worked in the corporate world doing sales, marketing and accounting for forty years. When she decided to retire she cared for her five grandchildren. Betsy also attends church every week and volunteers to care for the infants and toddlers in the church nursery. In Betsy’s spare time she loves to paint, garden, sew and teaching Bible study classes.