Class Descriptions

Group Classes

Finally, a Pilates Studio has come to Surprise! At Pure Physique PilateZ, we strive to offer you the ultimate workout experience in a therapeutic spa-type setting. Our contemporary approach takes the original exercises of Joseph Pilates and refines them by including the latest research in exercise science and the best rehabilitation technology available to provide you with the safest and most effective workout possible. With over 27 years of combined experience, our professional Instructors will personalize your sessions to help you achieve all your fitness goals. We also offer childcare to help make it easier for moms to enjoy a consistent workout routine. By learning the fundamentals of Pilates, you will increase your energy, improve your core strength, gain flexibility and balance, and optimize your overall performance in any activity you enjoy. Whether you are looking to strengthen your muscles as you are recovering from an injury or surgery, or if you are looking for the edge required to crush the competition, we will help you get to where you want to be!

Intro to Pilates

*Class required or approved by Instructor

All new clients at Pure Physique PilateZ begin with one Intro to PPP Group Class or a Private Session. You will learn the basic fundamentals used in all Pilates exercises to ensure your workouts are safe and effective. You will also learn any modifications needed to address any specific concerns you may have. Your Instructor will make sure you are confident using the Pilates equipment properly. After this first class/session, you are encouraged to sign up for any other Group Class or Private Session offered (exception: you must graduate from Pilates 1 with Instructor approval before signing up for Pilates 2). This class may have up to 5 participants.

Pilates 1

Pilates 1 is the perfect class to graduate to after you have taken your Intro Group Class. You will build upon the fundamentals you have learned and apply them to a variety of exercises to provide you with the safest and most effective full body workout possible. This class is ideal for beginner and intermediate level Clients. This class may have up to 5 participants.

Pilates 2

Once your Instructor has graduated you from Pilates 1, you may attend this more advanced class. Pilates 2 involves intermediate and some advanced exercises on the Reformer and Tower. The class focuses on control and flow as well as precision of movement on the apparatus. This fun and energetic class moves at a faster pace. This class may have up to 5 participants.

Tower I & II

In this class, you will transform your reformer into a Cadillac, with a stable base, a roll down bar, a push-thru bar and springs that move independently with one another, for hundreds of different exercises to add to your Pilates repertoire.

Jump+ I & II

Jump+ is a class designed to get your heart pumping and to challenge your abs! Enjoy various ways of jumping while lying on your back + (plus) other Pilates exercises on the Reformer, Tower, Barre, or Mat. Come give this action-packed class a try!  A great "pick me up" class that will energize you throughout the rest of your day.  This class may have up to 5 participants.

Pilates 4 Point Suspension

Bodhi Suspension system takes the body out of alignment when gravity fires the core stability muscles and develops integrated whole body strength and dynamic flexibility.

Private Pilates

Private Pilates Sessions give you the utmost individualized attention to work specifically on your fitness goals. At Pure Physique PilateZ, you will have the option of using a Stott Pilates Reformer with Tower, a Cadillac Trapeze Table, Stability Chair and a variety of other accessories. Private Sessions are highly recommended for people who are new to Pilates or have not exercised in a while or at all. Private Sessions are very beneficial for people who would like to continue their physical therapy with a highly trained Pilates professional. Private Sessions are best for people who have special situations or limitations that require one-on-one personalized sessions to meet their individual needs and goals. Consistent and continuous Private Sessions are the best way to see results in your body sooner! This session can be just for you or can be done as a duet with a partner/friend.

Private Therapeutic Pilates

Private Therapeutic Pilates is for the individual who would like extra pampering and sensory input during their Private Session. Essential oils and cool face cloths are used. Private Therapeutic Pilates is a wonderful way to get your workout plus some moments of relaxation. This session can be just for you or can be done as a duet with a partner/friend.

Private Duet Pilates

Private Duet Pilates: A duet, you will receive more individualized attention and will be able to concentrate more on your specific fitness goals than you would in a class setting. You can increase your motivation and add accountability by working with your partner or friend. It is also more affordable than a private session, which means you and your partner get to work out together more often. Duets are a fantastic way to get faster results and have fun at the same time. Grab your duet partner and book an appointment today!