Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Pure Physique PilateZ is a spacious and friendly studio and the first full-service Pilates studio in the West Valley. Our instructors are caring, professional and experienced Pilates instructors who provide a personally tailored, comprehensive mind/body workout. Our studio is equipped with the most advanced STOTT Equipment currently offered in the market. Our studio has a full line of Pilates apparatus including Reformers, Cadillac, and Stability Chair. We offer private and small group sessions on the Pilates apparatus, along with workshops and seminars.

Do you have packages for a better deal?
Yes. Pure Physique PilateZ offers packages for new clients and discounts for buying packages of multiple sessions. Please check the price list.
Can I just drop in, or do I need an appointment every time?
If we have a spot open, jump on in! You can find out about availability on our schedule page.
What are the benefits of working out with Pilates apparatus?
Pilates apparatus consist of a wide array of equipment designed to accommodate clients at every ability level. It was developed by Joseph Pilates after he created the traditional mat exercises. According to Pilates Method Alliance, “Pilates equipment today is not much different than that of yesteryear. Spring tension, straps to hold feet or hands, supports for back, neck and shoulder are as important now as they were then. Because of the remarkable nature of the equipment to both challenge and support the body as it learns to move more efficiently, the inimitably designed pieces truly act as a complement to the challenging “matwork” exercises.”
How long does a session typically take?
Sessions are 60 minutes.
What should I wear for a Pilates session?
No shoes are required. Both women and men should wear comfortable gym clothing preferably that allows your instructor to see how you’re moving. Grippy socks preferred.
Is Pilates pretty much for women, the young and the athletic?
Pilates is beneficial for men and women, young or old, athletic and sedentary.
I have been injured. Is Pilates a good idea for me?
Pilates is excellent for someone in physical therapy. It is a system of body conditioning that is both gentle and athletic, known for its “feel good” and body transforming results.
When will I see results?
After just five sessions, you will notice changes, and by 20 sessions you will have a new body!
Besides slimming down, what will doing Pilates do for me? +
  • Improved posture
  • Strengthened and toned muscles without added bulk
  • Increased flexibility and muscle control
  • Improved alignment, coordination, and balance
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Uniformly developed muscles
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved body awareness
  • A more balanced body preventing muscle and soft tissue injury
In addition, you will probably sleep better and have increased energy, stress release, and reduced fatigue and/or chronic pain.
How often do I need to do Pilates to see results?
By committing to Pilates just two times a week, you will get results!